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sail maint.

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hello everyone.
first I want to thank everyone who has responded to my earlier post. good info.
I have been inspecting my sails and have found very small holes in the bottom of my mail. when I say small, I mean really small. a couple larger ones are around an eighth of an inch across. is this something to be very concerned about? if so, is it repairable? do I need to get a new sail? can I make my own sails? what type of sewing machine and materials will I need? also, I am looking for some electronics, used is okay, any leads or advice as to where is the best place to look for used electronics? thanls again. this forum is great.
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Gotta disagree with Mark on one point. A beefy sewing machine is a nice-to-have, not a necessity. We are just finishing a sail from a Sailrite kit. Mama's Kenmore (circa 1980) did the whole thing just fine. Up to 10 layers of sail cloth. The key is metal gizzards. If you did want to make your own sail, you can but it takes a professional kit and lots of patience. But, I'd say all you need is an $8 roll of sail repair tape.
If I were to guess (it's easiest when I guess cuz I can seem right to me with absolutely NO facts) I think simply the age of our machine has something to do with. Cast everthing. I'm pretty sure it was Rocna's inspiration. To help out, I honed the needles to an extra fine point. But I tell ya , not a problem. At the corner patches, 1 layer of sail, 5 layers of patches, 2 layers of luff tape, 2 layers of foot tape . . . makes 10. Basted together with spray glue between the patches, and basting tape along the luff and foot.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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