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A comparison of cultures: what are the pros and cons of each type of boat (power or sail) for coastal and blue water cruising and live aboard? I am not a very experienced sailor and do not want to spend most of my time messing with the sails or rigging unless there is a big advantage to sails. Is there a comparison of operating and maintenance costs anywhere? Is a sailboat more ''seaworthy'' in rough weather? From what I have read most sailboats spend a lot of time motoring anyway. Do powerboats usually provide more living space aboard? Better comfort? Ease of handling? How much would diesel fuel cost per 1000 miles for a typical 40ft boat at a reasonable 5-10 knots? Is diesel fuel hard to obtain in some areas? Would I need gigantic fuel tanks that require a fortune to fill? I am reasonably handy an would attempt to fix most diesel engine problems. Would I be constanty covered in black grease from keeping the engine(s) running - like in African Queen?
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