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Sail Tweakers Disease

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On a recent almost non-stop 500 miles passage with a couple of mates up the North Sea I did a bit of a cockpit chat with Jon and Roger afterwards.

neither of them have raced at all but they are both good cruising sailors. Jon is used to sailing with me but Roger said he had never been sailing with anyone who tweaked the sails as much as I do

Moving cars, adjusting tension

in fact he accused me of suffering from ADHD

I know that, for me, a badly trimmed sail is a botheration to the psyche and an insult to the laws of physics

however, I was unaware that I had a problem with it - or more to the point that I was bothering people.

I must learn to touch the zen and let that edge flutter occasionally


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Dylan, are you starting up some sort AA type 12 step program?

Hello, my name is GeorgeB and I am a string puller. It has been 21 days since I last tweaked a sail…

A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to cross the Atlantic. The first couple of days the autohelm drove the boat. I got a little concerned as there was weather predicted in mid ocean and having only gotten on board the day before we left, I was concerned that I didn’t have any tiller time. So I started to hand steer. Had fun “racing” against the autohelm. The owner, a fellow whom I raced with caught wind of this and we began compete for things like fastest surf, fastest average speed over a watch, VMG, stuff like that. The other two crewmates, both confirmed “cruisers” took an interest and joined in the fun. We held informal driving and tweaking seminars and soon they were driving like “pros”. By mid-Atlantic, the boat was hand steered and tweaked most of the time (except for meals, cocktail hour and the evening movie). We all had tons of fun, got the boat to break the 200nm threshold a couple of times and crossed in under 19 days.
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