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Hi everyone,

I have an Abbott 33. The Volvo MB2 50S gave up the ghost in 2006 and we replaced it with a Saildrive 280 (a small run drop-in replacement built in Sweden). The North American dealer has switched around somewhat since then and there now appears to be none (the engine is out of production and has been replaced with the Saildrive 330 mk II).

Anyway, I am looking for a replacement impeller. The best I can do in terms of description is:

- six fins
- stamped with the number "1.4" on one side which seems to represent the shaft diameter
- keyway

Picture below:

Has anyone got experience with this engine or know someone who does?

I am also looking for anodes (magnesium preferred as I am in freshwater). This engine has two, one of which is in dire need of replacement.

James Roscoe
Abbott 33 #9 Survival
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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