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Sailing around the world on a Sunfish - non stop

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So, a friend's cousin's roommate has this small Sunfish boat behind the barn on his family's farm in Oklahoma. He is willing to give it to me for free! I will have to have it transported home to me in New York.

He said it may need a little work and some parts may be missing. He mentioned it also needs a new sail, mast, rudder, tiller, boom, centerboard, and ropes. The hull is in very good shape... just a few holes in the bottom that need patching.

My plan is to clean it up and to circumnavigate the globe - non-stop. Also, I will need to install a refrigerator to keep beer cool during the journey. What size battery will I need?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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sad sad sad...
awesome chicks!

see...its the crazy people that get stuff done, not the naysayers...

there is no such thing as a stupid question some wise person once said...some ANSWERS however

man o man...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most crazy thing is that this guy is actually doing it on a hobbie cat 16
Started October already half way
Planning 27 stops for rest and repair and about to succeed

Le défi d'Yvan Bourgnon - Le premier tour du monde en solitaire en cata de sport > 2013/2014
impressive, although its not a hobie 16 but some other type of cat.

they are so much fun...:)

wish him the best...hes already done so much!
It is a hobbie 16 but with some added features for seating and storage
man its really modified then cause the hulls dont resemble a hobies or the beams or anything, maybe the mast jajaja

in any case looks awesome

wish him he best

I love it:)
1 - 4 of 87 Posts
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