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I want to sail a Spirit23 in February from Miami making as many stops as necessary to the USVI. I have no exact schedule and very little experience on ocean waters sailing. However I don't think a days sailing at a time will be difficult I'm sure some one out there will mention the dangers and difficulties and such. But I think I can do this fairly easily if I simply wait for perfect winds and weather. I haven't schedule. I'd much rather have a partner to sail with who knows more but I can't wait on someone else to want to do what o want to do so if need be I will do it single handed. Id like any and all information about this passage and any links or reading material that would be useful. Thanks.

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i'm thinking you need to crew for someone who has done this before. size matters on this adventure. the combination of no experience and size of boat could be .....

very best, ss
I am thinking very few crew would want to squeeze oto a 23 footer.

It does make it difficult, but you can island hop through the Bahamas and T&C
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