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Hello all,

Completely inept sailor here, newcomer to your forum too. Reason I'm here is because I'm taking my good wife down to Cartagena April 25th-May 2nd for a ten year anniversary. All she wants to do is sit aboard a sailboat in relative peace amidst the waves....

I've searched several (pricey) options for hiring boats through various tourist sites etc, but all seem extortionate! Now, should there be any friendly ex-pats (I'm British and my wife is a New Yorker) who just happen to be heading off the coast during that time, perhaps even a for an hour or two, and wouldn't mind some company....I can of course bring alcohol and/or snacks!!??

I know it's on a wing and a prayer but someone suggested I try here......

Yours fingers-crossedly,


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A wing and a prayer and.... ?

Good luck, however this really is a long shot. I don't think Cartegena is on the 'beaten path' for too many.. with luck you'll get a local boater to respond.

Congrats on your anniversary.

Actually these guys' rates seem pretty reasonable, but it's not a local harbour cruise...

EDIT.. from a wee bit of research it appears you may have best luck waiting til you get there and seeing what's around.. apparently rates are highly negotiable.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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