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I am going to Mauritius next year (Easter 2015) for a wedding, and was considering chartering a yacht / catamaran for a week after the wedding.

Does anyone have any experience of sailing around Mauritius? How easy / difficult would it be? Are the reefs an issue?

I have Day Skipper quals, may do YM before the trip, and have quite a bit of crewing experience (solent, med, caribbean, 2x transatlantics) and some skippering / chartering experience (BVIs and Croatia). My "crew" would have very little / no experience, so I'm a bit concerned about (a) being able to charter anything and (b) how difficult it might be with a crew with limited experience.

So any advice / tips would be gratefully received!

Also - bareboat chartering doesn't seem to be the done thing in Mauritius. The best site I could find with much of a selection is charter
If anyone has any suggestions on better websites / charter companies in Mauritius please let me know!

Many thanks!


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Looks like plenty of reef-protected areas, very pretty.

Google turned up a few charter outfits, but could be they are all skippered. Just over 100 NM circumnavigation, or twice that distance to Reunion and back if you wanted to get out in the open.

I believe Killarneysailor stopped there, hopefully he'll have a better idea
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