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Sailing Lake Ontario 2

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Dear Friends!
We are preparing a sail from Toronto to Sackets Harbor this weekend on a class B 32' boat. Crew of 4. Point to point direct distance is apprx 160 n/miles, but I am reluctant to sail so far from the shore line. I think we should cross south to Niagara Falls and continue along the shore. This will increase the distance by about 15%. The negative is probably lower winds. I would appreciate your suggestions, warnings, etc relating to this passage. We calculated that it would take about 30 hours to complete. Has anyone had such experience? How high are the seas this time of the year? Fog? Wind direction? Any tips will be appreciated. Thank you.
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I don't have local knowledge of your area. However, there are some good arguments for taking the direct route. First, the difference in distance isn't much, but, the longer you are on the water the less you can trust the weather forecast. Also, if you do have something go wrong with the boat it is often better to be further off shore. You may also want to decide based on what the forecast is for that day. If the wind is ripping off the beach, you could get closer, so the waves don't have much fetch. If the wind is going onto the beach, you don't want to be on a lee shore, and the waves could get higher as they get into shallow water. Just my $.02.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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