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I posted an inquiry a few days ago about a Mirage 25 that I am looking at and got some great responses....thank you all who responded. However prior to doing so, I shot off a short email to Bob Perry who designed the Mirage with the hopes of finding out more about the boat. Bob did respond and in our communications I shared with him the fact that he and I had actually met about 20 years or so ago and I thought I would share the story with you.

The reason for our meeting was that my son who was about 8 or 9 at the time was constantly drawing pictures of boats. He loved to look at sailboats, draw them, and create his own designs. He even raced in our San Juan when he was not even a year old (much to the fear of my wife).

So as a good parent and with the hopes and selfish motive of maybe having my son grow up to be a naval architect, I contacted Bob to see if there was any chance that my Ryan could meet Bob and just chat about drawing boats for a few minutes. I really didn't anticipate that Bob, a very popular naval architect would be able to carve even a few minutes out to meet us.

However Bob was very very kind and invited us to his office and spent a good amount of time, about an hour as I recall, talking to Ryan about boats, looking at my son's drawings and sharing his latest commissionings. This was at a time in Bob's career when he was the hot designer and likely had a ton of projects that needed his attention. My son was very excited to talk boats with Bob, and Bob shared a great deal with him and they both looked at and talked about each others designs.

Unfortunately Ryan did not turn out to be a naval architect much to my chagrin. But he has continued to be an avid sailor, having sailed throughout the northwest, the Mediterranean, and is now getting ready for a cruise off the coast of Norway.

I share this because many of us have had sailing mentors in our lives that meant a lot to us and have helped us progress in this never ending process of learning about sailing.

I would love to hear about others sailing mentors.

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