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Sailing out of Moss Landing, CA?

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Are there any members who keep a boat and routinely sail out of Moss Landing, CA? If so, I need your advice. I have been trying to determine the suitability of keeping a 22 ft. Catalina there. For those who don't know the harbor, it is on Monterey Bay, CA, with a relatively narrow channel opening directly out into the bay where ocean swells and waves generally come in the oposite direction (with no shore protection). Tide fall seems to range about 5 ft, so at tide change it would seem that the currents might be rather swift, but I'd like to confirm that.

In trying to research the location (it's the only one available to us and we already have the boat, so it's the one we have to deal with...and we want to do it safely), Moss Landing is either ideal for that size (as well as for bigger boats) or it's a horrible place where you must encounter high winds, large waves (breakers) and can only get in if you have lots of power and can keep the boat between/off the crests.

A charter service in Monetrey says the average wind is 11 kts. and advertises a C22 as one of it's rental boats, NOAA lists the average wind over a year on a monthly basis as ~6kts. at Monetrey airport (average day and night). The dockmaster at Moss Landing said she owned a 22 ft Santana there for 5 years and there was no problem, just don't go out in storms, which seems to make a lot of sense.

So Moss Landing boaters, what is the real story?
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