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Sailing Oxnard to Channel Islands, ??

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forgive me, I've only really sailed in the Midwest (lakes) and BVI....

If I were to sail from Oxnard to Channel Islands (almost due west, or WSW), with the prevailing and strong currents coming out of the North, what's my navigational plan if the wind is also out of the North? I realize it would be a sbd reach, but how much off course would the currents take me, and how much further north should I plan to begin sailing to accommodate?

total ocean sailing newb question, I realize....

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Leave real early in the morning, and motor 3/4 of the way to Anacapa before you get enough wind to sail... Long time ago when I did it, I just used the mark-1 eyeball, keep Anacapa Isl on the port side...
I kinda recall that when the wind did come up it was a close reach stbd tack.
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