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Barnegat Inlet is one of the most trecherous in NJ. We have come in an out it many times and will use on our trip to Mystic in July. If the tide is outgoing and the wind is from the SE as it usually is in the summer it can be pretty hairy with 6-8 foot rollers washing acrooss the inlet.

Unlike most inlets it is not clear once between the two jetties. Barngat has a shoual inside the jetties on the south side forcing you to hug the north side rockpile. My advice is to follow someone in and leave your main up incase your engine fails entering the inlet.

You can always come in Manesquan and take the Point Pleasent canal to the head of Barmegat Bay. Toms River is a nice anchorgae area up the river. Tices shoal as mentioned is popular too. You can dink in and go to the beach across the narrow spit of land.

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