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I'm thinking of upgrading my chart plotter. I currently have a Garmin GPSMAP 740S 7" plotter. I have it connected to my instruments and that's kind of cool, but 'm thinking of something like the B&G T7 with the SailSteer functions.
Composite sailing screen combining key sailing data into one clear display
All data is shown relative to the boat
Configurable as a panel: Display alongside Chart, Radar or any of your favorite Zeus data
User configurable
Unique Sail-specific features
Touch Sensible™ interface
Full Integration with on-board systems
Bright, Optically-Bonded touch screen
Extremely easy to use
Heading and COG: Current Heading shown, COG is shown by Red indicator
Current Layline: Shaded sector shows max/min over recent history
Calculated Tide: Arrow indicates direction of tide/current relative to the boat and compass scale. Tide Rate value shown in center
Compass Scale: All data can be read off the compass scale: True Wind, Tide, Opposite Tack Heading, Bearing to Waypoint
TWA Indicator: Green = on target Arrow fades to Blue if off wind angle target (or reaching)
Opposite Tack Layline: Red indicates Port Tack Dotted line is current value Shaded segment is max/min over recent history
Rudder Angle Indicator
Navigation Data: Corner data shows: Name of active waypoint, Mag/True heading reference and Magnetic Variation

Has anyone used that? Is it as cool as it seems? I see that the newer Garmin units, like the GPSMAP 741 has similar sounding functions:

Special Sailing Features:

Supported sailing features include laylines, enhanced wind rose, heading and course-over-ground lines, true wind data fields and tide/current/time slider. Gauge displays are designed to provide important need-to-know information at a glance, including true and apparent wind angle, set and drift, true or apparent wind speed, horizontal or vertical graphs, and a data bar with customizable data fields.

Can anyone compare the two? Does Raymarine offer something similar?


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Yes, Raymarine makes a touch screen 7" plotter. They all have similar capabilities. One thing to consider is I would NOT get a unit that is solely operated by touchscreen. Figure on the touchscreen getting gooped up with sunscreen on the finger as well as stability of inputting information in rough seas on a touchscreen might be a challenge. The Raymarine has a knob as well as a touchscreen.

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