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Hi all,
I am a long time reader, first time poster on sail net.

I am considering doing a sailing trip as crew on a Alberg 35 from San Diego to Honolulu. We want to leave on February 20th. With that said, I am wondering how to best plan for weather and estimate the time it would take. Should we sail north or south or west or what to catch the best weather? Is there a good weather website to find this information for this time period. (I am not the captain and he may already know this but I am trying to see how I would plan the trip if I were going solo)

I am in the military and I am taking leave from 18 Feb- 17 March (26 days) but I have to work on 18 March so I need to fly from Honolulu back to Texas on the 17th.

I know that passage times vary from about 17 days to 30 or more. Just trying to figure out if I should go for it :)

What do you guys think? Good or bad time to attempt this?

I have an RYA coastal skipper certification and an ASA basic certification but not a whole lot of knots under my belt.

As for weather, go to the NGA web site and down load the Pilot Charts for the North Pacific for February and March. I think you'll find you are a tad early in the season in February. You might also check the Transpac Yacht Club web site for information available on the planned 2013 race, in July. (One concern is the possibility of encountering debris from the Japan Tsunami.) From San Diego you're looking at about 2100 miles to Hawaii. You can do the math, eh?
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