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So I've been checking out a San Juan 7.7 near me, a 1979, as I'm looking to get a little more performance, speed, pointing ability than my Grampian 26.
I've looked at the boat search and a lot of Internet information, but I'd appreciate any additional information or experiences.
I've heard that the 7.7's heel easily, Since they have a somewhat short keel, and low keel to disp. Ratio. Is this true? How significant?
Some say she is a great racer and single hander. PHRF does look pretty good.
I've also read about an attachable keel shoe to add both weight and length. Anyone know about these, where to get, how much? Worth looking?
I've heard conflicting info like the fractional rig helps mast bend, helping pointing, then I read the fractional rig doesn't allow good forestay tension, impeding pointing.
I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has good info they can share, or if any owners could share their experiences to clear up my misinterpretation, or unclear info. I'd like to stick around this size of boat, but if anyone has any suggestions for comparable boats I'll check them out too. Thanks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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