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Many years ago I got into Wellington with my Hughes 22 with the board up - draft was something like 28 inches and we scraped our way in. There was a very nice government dock inside that we spent the night at and many locals came to see the big boat that was visitting. You could also anchor inside the lagoon - you would have to be careful with depths though.

About five years ago I was visitting Wellington by land and talked to the man who ran the local bait shop. He said that there plans to dredge the channel and build some sort of breakwater to reduce the movement of sand northward across the entrance. I have no idea if this work was done or whether it was successful. I think that you would have to talk to someone who keeps a boat in the area. Dealing with sand is a huge problem. A number of years ago we spend the night of the big power blackout at a little harbour at the extreme northwest corner of Lake Erie (forget the name of it). They had dredged their entrance a month before we were there and lost a foot of depth in a month.

It is a shame that Wellington is not available for people travelling between western Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands. It would provide a nice stopover for those using the Bay of Quinte or going outside.
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