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I'm torn between 2 very nice boats, a 1974 Santana 21 ft and a 1985 Spindrift 22 ft.
The Santana seems to be a better shape over all,but the Spindrift is not far behind .

I have been reading the information on Sailboat data and was intrigued with the wider beam and nicer cockpit arrangement of the Spindrif. But since I also care more about stability, I noticed that the Santana has a slightly larger ballast/displacement ratio. I have sailed the Santana and thought it was quite stable at 7.8ft beam , would the wider beam of 8.2 ft on the Spindrift make it all more that stable?

I would appreciate any input from the experts or those who have sailed either boat.

I will mainly be sailing small lakes, I'm not into racing but care more about family cruising and perhaps an over night here and there.

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