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Lovely craft, built mostly by Albin Marine. Designed by Peter Norlin, but it's nearly identical to his Albin teamate Rolf Magnusson's marvelous Ballad 30. Both are masthead IOR-ish racer-cruisers. The main difference is weight: the Scampi is 600 lbs lighter, with almost 1000 lbs less ballast. It'll be quicker around the bouys, but.... The Ballad is bouncy in a seaway and has a capsize screening ratio right about 2.0, so you'll take a beating on passage and don't want to get rolled too far. Scampi will be far worse. Tough to singlehand because of the large headsails and small main; getting any speed downwind requires you fly a spinnaker. Points amazingly well, tho!

The Scampi is skimpy on tankage, stowage, and even tighter below than the Ballad. Both are built to the very highest standards, but I'd prefer the Ballad for longer trips.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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