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Not sure if you found this info from the website, but from what it sounds this Justin guy has all the info from the factory. The contact info is dated, but if it doesn't work, you can contact the people on the Columbia Owners group on yahoo if they are still active.

Here are prices for some of the more popular items:

Original Columbia Brochures $10-20 each depending on how big the brochure is, some are just one page others are several. (some boats no extras exist others have plenty. I can make color copy's when the originals run out.)

Owner's Manuals - $35.00 (Note that there were no manuals prior to the Bill Tripp designs)

Full Size drawings - $10-15.00 a copy depending on the size.

Laminating schedule for a specific boat $10.00

There is also a host of information on that is common to multiple boats such as hatches, rub rails, etc, I'd be happy to research and find any drawings etc. on these, most are 18X24 or 8.x11.

The same applies to Coronado stuff as well. Contact Justin for more info.

Justin Thompson
MarineInfo & Design, Inc.
1500 Niagara Blvd
Lewisville, Texas 75077
Email: [email protected]
214/291-5903 facsimile
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