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A common scrub pad used by commercial divers in our homeport (St. Pete) is the longish white, soft scrubby pad sold by WM. It''s inexpensive & won''t remove too much paint (or anything else, so it''s most helpful when used regularly). Every WM store in which I''ve looked for this pad carried it.

Fish out a long screw driver and a putty knife, and tie a lanyard on each one that won''t come off. The screwdriver should be used to clean out each thru-hull hole, while the putty knife will come in handy if your running gear are picking up growth (and have no paint on them).

There''s a good reason to replace partially-consumed zincs: despite good intentions. some don''t scrub or check the zincs often enough. Zincs provide protection even when away from a dock if you have some stray current running around the boat (one common source: a frayed compass light wire, grounding out on a piece of the steering pedestal). Carry the tool that removes old/tightens new zincs, and be sure to pound on the zinc *after* you think it''s installed nice & tight, assuming you''ll be doing this underwater.

Good luck; keep her nice a clean & you''ll enjoy the sail to Mexico all the more.

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