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Sea Quest 28

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Looking for my first love (in terms of sailboats). I'll never forget her...she was built in 1973, made in St. Louis (only sailaboats ever built there - designed by Phillip Rhodes), and purchased in Sarasota, Fl. Cruised in the Bahamas and lived aboard for 6 years. She had a dark yellow hull with teak decks and was sold in St. Petersburg in 1987. Does anyone have any info on the Sea Quests? Thanks!:)
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I have not heard of Sea Quest Yachts. You might do better posting in a more general forum. This section is specific to Pearson sailboats.

There are a couple on New and Used Yachts for Sale - for sale ("Sea Quest" in general, I didn't select by L.O.A.)

Boat Design Net - the Boat Design and Boat Building Site has a cached link to them at Seaquest Yachts - cached - the Boat Design and Boat Building Directory The link to is listed there but is not functional.

That site includes a contact telephone number in the United Arab Emiretes. +97143384615 Good hunting.

In the mean time - have you considered a Pearson?
If you send me an email I can send you as much information as you want on the Sea Quest 28. You see, my father, Philip Bonzon worked on the design with Philip Rhodes. I currently own a 28, she'll be for sale soon, and have the original plans and sales material.
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do you have any info on a Sea Quest 28. Were they also called Venture's
I would love to know more about these. When I was a kid, sometime probably in the mid-sixties, my dad took me to a place he had heard about just a couple of miles from our home in Suburban St. Louis. It was a sailboat building club.

They had an old warehouse building and had a mold for the hull. They worked together as a club to lay the hull and then each member worked on finishing their interior. It was my first time smelling fiberglass resin. I remember the hulls had quite beautiful lines and they had several boats in the warehouse that were in various stages of the build process.

My father fantasized about being able to join the club and build a boat of his own but most of his spare money went to us kids. I'd love to know what those boats were, how many they made and where they are today?
To all of you on this small site regarding the Seaquest. I have one made in the hobby club back in St. Louis. Mine was owned by John Altman. I live in New Bern NC and the boat is here. I am selling it because I cannot sail due to health. I have had the boat since January 2000. John Altman was a member of the hobby club which made these boats. This boat is in excellent condition. I am offering it for sale for Nine Thousand Dollars.
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