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Seafarer 26

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I'm new to sailing and found an 1984 26' Seafarer thats for sale
I can't find a lot of info on the company, does anyone know about these boats
Are they of solid construction and built to last?
Someone mentioned that the boats built towards the end of the company's existance (mid 80's) were not as good as the earlier ones, Is this true?
Lastly I've heard the boat is "slow as a snail" any truth to this?
I'd appreciate any info (or where to get info) anyone has to offer
Thanks to all in advance
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I don't know much about Seafarer boats as few made it to the west coast. Here is the link to Seafarers forum on Sailboat Owners - it may help.

Seafarer -
There should be virtually no play in the tiller. Either the tiller's attachment to the rudderpost is loose or maybe more likely the rudder post is turning in the rudder. If you look at the pic below (stolen from the link above:D ), the rudderpost is a stainless rod that goes into the top of the rudder. Inside the rudder this has a stainless framework welded to it. The whole unit is covered with foam and then glassed over. If you go to this link you can get a better idea of construction. » Rudder Construction The third picture down on the right side gives the best idea. Water gets in rudders, and in the east where boats are hauled out for the winter it freezes and thaws throughout the winter. Crevice corrosion of the stainless eventually occurs and the weldment can break partialy or completely off the shaft. This could be the problem. Investigate whether the tiller/rudder post attachment is good as this would be the easier fix. If it's ok the problem is in the rudder. To fix it you'll have to drop the rudder and open it up, reweld where necessary, and glass it back together. It has to be fixed as if it breaks you won't be able to move the rudder at all - besides you can't sail that way anyway.


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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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