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I have an old Seagull IV that is leaking at the output fitting. I'm trying to fix it with sealant again, but thought about buying a new one.

When I look at what a new Seagull IV is priced at, I am amazed at the cost of the unit - say $700-$900. It really is nothing but a vessel to hold the filter. The expense of the filters I can understand - they are good and it's a "whatever the market will bear" price. But the actual unit seems to be very little for the money.

Does anyone know if another brand that will hold the "General Ecology" filter cartridges?

Be careful out there!
I have no explanation as to why the devices are so costly. I do know, however, that the manufacturer will do an upgrade/exchange at a price less than half the new cost. BTDT. Pentek makes a cannister that will take the general ecology filters but also has similar filters that are less costly. A good resource on line is "Filters Fast".
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