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I am convinced there is a difference in filter construction. I know the General Ecology are more than just a carbon or charcoal filter and is claimed by them to remove viruses and bacteria - not just chlorine, sediment etc..

So I am sure there are cheaper alternatives - the price for the "system," really just a stainless housing for the cartridge, is ridiculous in my opinion. I will check the Pentek site.....that might be a solution.

Thanks folks!
a. Seagull is not NSF certified for microbe removal.

b. Other filters are NSF certified for cyst and even virus removal, and these fit in $20 2x10 housings (see Pentek G3).

Seagull is simply behind the times, hawking an overpriced product in a price competitive market that has left them behind. Good product, but it has not evolved. I guess they like locking customers in with proprietary parts, rather than the interchangeable options that are out there.

The flow plus 10 is a good option. There are also virus-rated filters under $100.
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