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Hello! I'm a 37 year old male YouTube Content Creator/blogger who will be getting a Cal 30 soon. I need to gut her and refit her before setting off.

I'm single, drug-free, not an alcoholic (although I do love me a good stout beer), and very laid back.

I'm not necessarily looking for an intimate partner - if you just want to make some money while you travel around the world for fun, I'm game for that, too. Yes, a 30' sail boat is close quarters for two people, but I don't need much space, I plan to upgrade ASAP, and I'm a gentleman.

If I could find someone who wants those things *and* a relationship, I'd be in heaven!

I pretend to be intelligent most of the time. I'm into photography and I like to read, write, produce music, make art, cook, and make videos for YouTube. I don't call myself a "Buddhist," but I have an amazing collection of great Buddhist books.

I don't care where you're coming from. Preferably New England, because that's where I'll be in a few months when I get the boat. If you're in Thailand, I'll swing by and pick you up! I'm in Oregon right now, so maybe we could meet up if you're on the West coast.

Anyway, PM me if interested.
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