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i am currently searching for a bluewater cruiser in the 44 foot range to rebuild live onboard and cruise around the world.
have been focused on peterson 44s and curious to know of other sailboats at or below this price range that have a similiar reputation for style comfort and performance.
also would appreciate any info on good places to look for sailboats in need of restoration.
Do you have a budget/price range? It's hard to advise without knowing more about your parameters.

Be forewarned that it is generally more costly to build or re-build a boat than it is to purchase one that is intact and functional.

If you are dead-set on doing it yourself, and you are looking to pick-up a boat that has been trashed or salvaged, you would likely be better off purchasing a new bare hull and starting from scratch.

P.S. Welcome to Sailnet. We'll help you find the right boat!
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