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Seatech vs PVC for Potable H2O

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The boat is currently equipped with the hard plastic Seatech type potable water tubing. I am considering changing to the PVC type clear tubing unless someone can convince me that I shouldn't.

What I don't like about the Seatech type tubing is the need to use the quick connect fittings. I fear needing to repair/replace/change something and not being able to get the needed fittings.

I much prefer just using a good old hose clamp for making connections.

Any compelling reason to not change to the PVC tubing? or keep the quick connect style? (Work involved is going to be mute, I'm going to have the salon floorboards out to remove the keel tank so I will have easy access to run the lines.

Thanks for you thoughts. (-5F this morning, need to think about boat things instead of the ice and snow)
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After plumbing a couple of houses and my boat, I really got to like the hard pvc and crimp furrel fittings .Quick ,cheap and easy to go to npt or hose barb. A crimping tool is maybe $30 so worth while to have it onboard and a good assortment of t's, el's,bands etc is great for fix or modify later. (just a hacksaw) Two sizes of fittings (the little barbs are different) may still available for old and new pipe. Not interchangeable.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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