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The tiedowns don't have to be non-conductive, but it is far safer if they are. I've seen aluminum bars used as battery hold downs fairly well. I suggested painting or coating the aluminum with tool handle "dip" and they did so, which makes them "non-conductive".

The big problem I see with using 3/4" starboard is that it doesn't have the tensile strength you'd want. Six golf cart batteries is 450 lbs. How will the starboard be fastened to the engine compartment. Think inverted? If the boat rolls, would it hold them in place.

The main reason to enclose batteries is to contain acid spills, should a battery case break or rupture, or in the event of a roll over, where it might pour out via the vent caps. Mixing sulfuric acid and sea water produces toxic gasesā€”so is to be avoided if at all possible. :D

Yes, you need to cover the terminals. :)
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