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We are a Dutch yacht and this is our 5th year cruising in Fiji. This cyclone season of 2014/15 we've been on a mooring of Savusavu marina.

- **Shower and toilet facilities ashore at Waitui are below sub-standard.
* **Waitui marina has had major problems with their vhf radio for the season of 2013 and 2014/15 that we've been here.*
- **Therefore most clearing assistance goes through the COPRA SHED marina.
* * *The toilet and shower facilities at Copra Shed need lots of maintenance.*
- *Helix and similar as well as traditional moorings are used throughout Nakama Creek. (Not just at Waitui.)
- **The Savusavu Marina does NOT have 16 berths with water and electricity.*
* * *They have only one toilet and one shower (very basic).*
* * *6 Yachts can probably go alongside the dock where water and power are available.*
* * *Rats are a problem as are invasive birds. **
- The creek from top to bottom is regularly a stinking, soiled with waste - disgrace. If not oil and diesel, then household and farming. Not to mention the black snow that creeps into everything.
** Your readers are missing an opportunity if Curly Carswell in Savusavu, Fiji, is not mentioned as a mooring provider.

Curly is the Island Cruising Association*port captain*for Savusavu.*
Not only on the local morning net on VHF 68 at 08.00 Curly gives the weather but also on his website


"Statistic's just for Marine /Cruiser Crimes:- Jul/Aug/Sept/Oct
5 x Yacht Break-ins- damage to most yachts- items stolen -one yacht a large Cat was left in a terrible mess as it was turned over *opening every locker etc
2 x yacht attempted Break-ins- Criminals fled due to new Alarm Systems being installed ,nothing stolen
1 x Dinghy stolen from behind a Cruising Yacht -recovered by a fellow cruiser who saw and heard drunks with the dinghy, they fled when illuminated.
2 x Local Dinghy's stolen -Recovered by friends and relatives.
2 x a Local small runabouts stolen and recovered by Public /friends
2 x Cruiser Ladies had their Handbags stolen when enjoying a night out in town, one hand bag recovered via the local Taxis *locating the Criminal and leading the police to him resulting in an arrest and nothing lost from the Handbag."

Since, 2 more yachts (my neighbours) have been broken into. Monthly meetings are held to combat the growing criminal activity in and around Savusavu. Up to now, March'15, eight months down the road, not one of the 9 marine cases has been solved by the police. Nor do the marinas act in defense of their visiting yachts. curlycarswell.blogspot however, is doing his best to curb the new trend.

To top it all, I was disgustingly, verbally abused. You can read it on There is no way I can say Savusavu is a safe place. Savusavu is merely an interesting old fashioned island town. It is a FALSE paradise, where one should visit with the necessary precautions. Crime is everywhere in the world. But here, those who need to care and do something about it, don't.

Please visit for more about the same problems

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Too bad. About 20 years ago stopped briefly in Nadi, and then Savusavu. Seemed like a very nice place at the time. Of course, things change, and that was before the military coup. I would hope that, now that they have finally had democratic elections (about 6 months ago), the government will get back on track and things will begin to get better.
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