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Hey Folks,

I am working with a small team that is in the early stages of testing a new kind of boat monitoring system. Primarily to answer the questions: "Is my boat sinking" and "Where's my boat going", but we can do a lot more than that. This system uses the internet over cellular uplink to send your boat's data to the cloud where you can access it from anywhere you have a cellular or internet connection. Sensors connect wirelessly to the main unit and can be placed near the thing being monitored.

We have done some research, have a prototype and have some plans for bringing it to market. But most importantly we'd like to hear from you, sailnet members, what do you think about this? There is still time to incorporate your input into what features would make this an awesome system.

If you are interested, please check out our website for more info, and drop us a note!

Thanks very much for your time.
Cosmo King
Seattle, WA
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