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We have a factory installed Hoyt Jib Boom on our Alerion Express 28. It's the nuts for single-handed sailing!!!
  • It allows the boat to point higher than with a regular jib.
  • It's smaller than a regular jib.
  • If you're flying a smallish (135%) Genoa and have roller furling, you should be able to use the jib boom in an emergency/unexpected increase in wind speed.
  • With ours, the weight of the boom doesn't allow running wung out in wind speeds less than 10-12kts (we don't have the optional extender/preventer).
Good luck!!!

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Just a bolt some washers and a "U" bracket.

At first I used a 2x3 attached to the tack and clue but that would not let me sheet out far because of the pulpit.

I made the pivot and moved it back about 18 inches.

I replaced the wood spar with the alum. one since I needed a gin pole to step the mast anyway. The pole is 1 1/2 inch by 1/8 thick alum. tubing.

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