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If you are searching for a Morgan 33 Out Islander, I would suggest besides sailnet, that you search on and there are several others. If you do a yahoo search you may pop a couple of FSBO''s besides ones listed with brokers. Thats how I found mine. And to boot it had been an expired listing but it was still on the net. Give it a shot.

As far as sites for on sailnet there is a Morgan Owners email club/list which includes an archive of tons of info on all sizes of Morgans and the experiences and ideas that we share to improve, repair or find parts etc. Just click on the join email lists off to the left of where you are reading and go in and join the list.

Here are a couple of the Morgan Members sites that you might want to look at: "Ilira - Rebirth of a Morgan 33 Out Islander". This is a great site with links to some others. Another great site with tons of info and links also. He has the drawings and specs of all Morgans on his site. He owns a 41 OI. Another great site for a Morgan 33 Out Islander. He has a number of great links there also.

You will also find that these fellows and the others on the Morgan Owners email list are friendly and treasure troves of info on Morgans....and probably can help you find a
Morgan 33 Out Islander.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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