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I always want to see the engine run at full rated speed for at least 10 minutes during a sea trial for a boat that I may buy. I spell that out right in the contract. On the other hand, I think that it is irresponsible to put full canvass up in heavy winds on most boats. If that sort of thing is being discussed, I would 100% want to be there for the sea trial & I would expect to veto some requests, even if it caused the potential buyer to walk. Wrecking the boat is not in the seller's best interest.

If I was the seller & I was not going to be there, I would certainly want to know the credentials & experience of the the other guys that are going to be taking the boat out for a spin. One question I would start with would be - Who aboard will be a licensed caption with sailing endorsement? Another would be - Who is going to be responsible for repairs if the boat is run aground, damaged, etc.

A sea trial needs to prove that the boat is seaworthy. It should not be a demolition derby. The responsible party needs to be defined before the boat leaves the dock.
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