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Let's see if I can get rid of my last little green box here.


You have a hint of a go fast trick and you bring that trick here and the powers that be say, no way it will work . We have tests that prove it won't work.

But, in this thread is one poster that seems to agree. A glimmer of hope.

This is not Rocket Science.

Mark your shaft and try it, this is a free test.

Maybee you will see some improvement in speed and maybee not but it's not like recuting your main and finding out, that didn't work.

If you find speed gains by fixing your props position don't come back here bragging and saying "I told you so". Put you new found speed secret in you little bag of tricks and hold it dear.

I might even check the rules to see if the prop had to be on the shaft. There might be an advantage to having a fixed prop in the bilge and certainly it would have less drag there than a mounted folding prop on the shaft.

Maybee a 8 inch prop with a big bite would get you to the race course and not cause as much drag as a folding prop and thus not take the hit of a folding prop.

If the wind is blowing 40 knts. and your down to your last reef then I guess this is all for naught.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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