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I have an 1989 Catalina 30 with a Universal 25xp diesel which sprung a pretty bad oil leak last week. I keep the boat in a city which only has one diesel mechanic so he's having trouble finding time to get to my boat. Was hoping to get some ideas on where the leak might be coming from to see if I can diagnose it myself.

After a day sail I was motoring into the dock, heard what sounded like a belt squeal sound which lasted maybe six seconds, then the noise stopped. The engine was still performing like normal, with no change in power or the sound. About a half a mile from the marine I had smoke coming from the engine, still with no change in performance. Got into the dock, went down below a discovered the oil leak, which is the picture I attached. Im guessing the smoke was coming from oil leaking on the engine. It looked like oil had leaked on the belt, because it was sprayed all over the engine compartment, making it difficult to see where it was leaking from.

I have the engine manual...where should I start looking to find the problem?
If there was no change in engine performance, I'm hoping it's a minor issue?

Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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