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Hi, I am planning to sail on Seychelles in July.
I have been there years ago, but I was not sailing.

We start from Mahe.
Tomaz, it sounds like you'll be chartering a boat locally?

Mahe is a small island, actually they're all small islands. I know from having sailed there 4 years ago that visiting boats have serious restrictions on them as far as sailing around the area goes but you probably won't have those if you're on a local charter. For the record, we had to file a trip report, were not allowed to more than three destinations or to be out of Victoria for more than three days. Then back to Victoria for another trip report.

The coral in Seychelles was killed off several years ago by La Nina (or was it El Nino, can't remember) but it is monochrome grey and I believe it will take several more years before it comes right. So the diving/snorkelling when we were there was OK but really not special. Good game fishing with lots of huge blue-fin tuna, skipjack, mahi mahi, baracuda, etc.

The shops are not bad as far as third world destinations go but don't expect fully stocked supermarkets there. All food is imported, volumes are strictly controlled and shops frequently run out of some lines, especially fresh stuff and dairy.

Restuarants are expensive. I don't know what it is like today because the Boxing Day tsunami did considerable damage to the yacht club but when we were there it was a good restuarant and well-priced.

On the up side, the people are friendly, it is really safe and travel on buses on Mahe is cheap. And you're only 6 degrees south, in the ITCZ so the weather is generally great.

I heard a another post recommending going to Aldabra. It's pristinely beautiful but it's an awfully long way from Mahe, about 630nm, and you cannot leave from there, you have to come back to Victoria. Also a lot of the islands, even some of the bigger ones, are private and visitors are not welcome so check with the locals before you sail thirty miles to be sent away without being allowed to stay.

We stayed there for three weeks on the way past. We enjoyed it but will probably not return there unless we were passing by on a longer voyage.
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