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Shanghaied in Westbrook

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[This thread continues a previous thread found here:]

This is davidpm, I'm here in Westbrook, CT my home port. I'm on Bene505's boat, using his account. Brad is working through his list of on-board firsts.
First time is Westbrook, CT
First solo in long island sound
First time with harnes and jacklines.
First time a Bill's seafood, with 20 piece band.
And of course first time baking cookies on board.

Oh yes I'm playing hookie from work tomorrow to go to port jeff.
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Guys, it was blowing like stink yesterday. I was down at the water in the morning, pleasant breeze. I went back about 3pm, the Sound was all ripped up, there was a dust storm in the parking lot, I went home to cook chicken soup. The soup was good.
Bene is a wild man.
PS, if you guys are in PJ tomorrow, (tonight?) I'll buy you a drink (each) on my way home from work.
I guess I realized afterward that I was a day late on this thread. I'm glad you got in to PJ early, things wre wild late in the day. I'm sure the dinghy trip was an adventure, I've been out rowing in worse, but never so far nor upwind! Barry is an excellent guy, he's my boat neighbor. Brad, I admire your sense of adventure and the way you go about improving your skills. Sorry I missed David too, he's great company.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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