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Sheldrake Cruise Underway

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Hey there all. Thought I'd drop in and give an update on our little club cruise from Block Island to Nantucket. For those who don't know, I'm a member of a very small, very low key, yacht club out of Mamaroneck called the Sheldrake Yacht Club. The club's annual cruise this year runs from Block Island, RI to Nantucket, MA. I put out a post a while back inviting Sailnutters to come along if interested.

We arrived at Block on Friday, early evening. Very uneventful trip out, though I was very pleased. We left Mamaroneck at 5:30 a.m., and made it to the entrance to Great Salt Pond by 6:30 p.m. I was very happy to learn that we can in fact make it from home to Block in one shot, all in daylight. We had about 5 to 10 knots of breeze out of the southeast for much of the day, so in heavier headwinds I'm sure we wouldn't have done it so quickly, but we did have some headwinds and still did well. All in all, very happy with that performance under motor. I grabbed a buddy and his son to do the trip with me. My wife and our two young boys drove out to Point Judith and took the ferry over to meet us. That way, our younguns' didn't have to endure a 13 hour motor, which probably would have driven them (or me) crazy. ;)

Friday night was spent at, where else, The Oar. Met up with a number of friends we hadn't seen in a while, and some we didn't expect to see (just coincidentally bumped into them). Yesterday was spent at the beach, walking into town for sweatshirts and stuff (can you believe I was so stupid as to come on this trip without any warm clothes?!).

I figure we have about 8 boats in the harbor now. Of those, 6 are planning to continue on with the cruise to Nantucket. We are expecting a few more to arrive today, including Bene505, the only Sailnetter who is coming along. This actually will be the first time I'm meeting up with a Sailnetter live and in person on the water (Brad, please don't turn out to be an axe-murderer or anything like that!).

Today's another layday here on Block Island. We're having a potluck BBQ this evening at the pit and picnic tables next to The Oar this evening, where we'll have a short skipper's meeting to talk about tomorrow. The plan is to go to Cuttyhunk tomorrow, then on to Edgartown on Tuesday. From there, layday Wednesday in Edgartown, then Thursday on to Nantucket. At the moment, the weather seems fine except for Thursday, which is looking a little sporty. We were unable to get reservations in Edgartown for Wednesday night, so perhaps we'll just leave for Nantucket a day earlier so that we're ensconced for the Thursday weather. We'll see what happens, and as always, take it as it comes.

This is a very loosely organized cruise, and there's absolutely nothing formal about it. So if you're sailing the area, feel free to trim your sails and come along. We generally monitor Channel 78, so hail us ("Another Miracle") if you'd like. And Brad, if you're reading this before you leave Fisher's Island Sound for BI, please leave that axe at home, and give a shout when you get into the harbor.


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