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Look in your Yellow Pages for Bearings and find an industrial bearing supplier. Bring the pump into their sales desk and see what they say about replacement seals and bushings. Trying to match parts to applications is normal operating procedure for these places.

I needed seals for the raw water pump on an ancient Volvo diesel. Volvo price was something obscene, plus they had to be special ordered. The bearing supplier had the right seals in stock for about $3 each.

A mechanic at any garage can press out the old bushing and press in the new bushing and seals in a couple minutes. (Old seals are usually pried out with a screwdriver.) You can also use a bench vise and sockets the right diameter to press parts in and out.

Worst they can say is they don't carry the parts, and you'll be exactly where you are now.

Good luck,

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