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I don't think I'd bother. Really good 100% shielded tinned braid is damned expensive, bulky, and heavy. Your VHF antenna should already be using it, and then if you really want to clamp any EMI/RFI from the lopolight, you could always ask them what frequency the interference is going to be on, and add a couple of ferrites right below the light to choke that off. Or add ferrites for ~156MHz, to clamp what the VHF would be most upset about. Should be faster, cheaper, more effective.

But if the Lopo is going to be emitting interference, RFI, that's going to jump right into the VHF antenna in any case, and no braid or choke is going to help at all. I just wouldn't install an "intentional radiator" when there's no need for it.
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