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Should I be concerned with this?

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Take a look at this pic of the keel/hull transition. The bottom generally needs to be cleaned, stripped and painted, but this area concerns me. It felt like the seam has been caulked or something. The interior was perfectly dry, the hull/deck had no soft spots, and generally the boat is in good shape. The yard guys said it was no problem, but they of course have an interest in moving the boat, so grain of salt taken there.
Here's more pics of the boat, if it helps:
Picasa Web Albums - GamerKev - 1975 Mirage 24

They're asking for three grand, but it's been there for a while, so I can probably get away with it for much less, depending on the aforementioned issue.

Any thoughts will be much appreciated


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It's not going to improve. You need to find out what the problem is, and fix it before she is splashed. It may be loose, but the sealant is still keeping out the water. Have the yard pick her up while you watch the keel is a start.......i2f
Maybe just that the keel bolt need tightening? I would have it surveyed. Worth a couple of hundred bucks to save 3000. Best case is that he finds a couple of other minor issues and you can negotiate the price better. I would think that a good survey might save more than it costs.
Put a little water in the bilge and then check out the seam for leakage.
It ran aground at some point. Not a major issue as nothing on the keel fairing is amiss - but you'll only get that kind of defined stress when having been run aground. If no leakage - have the yard sand down and repaint.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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