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I owned a C22 and there is a good reason you are able to find them, they built 15,000!! Looking at the keel on a boat of that age it looks like the boat didn't spend a lot of time in the water. Those keels can really rust away! Take a close look at where the compression post under the mast sits on top of the keel trunk. Early C22s did not have enough glass in the top of the keel trunk and the compression post would push right into it. Fairly easy to fix though. Also take a look under the cockpit by the winch. Look at the valve on the thru-hull pipe stub for the cockpit drains. I turned the valve on mine about 1 turn loose, and it fell off in my hand! That nipple is just glassed into the hull and many of them screw right out. Look at the chainplates holding the stays. The older ones used to break off, much better ones are available. Also look at the stemhead the forestay is attached to. These had a bad habit of pulling out too. Again not a big deal to fix. The attachment point for the trailer winch is a weak area too. Water splashes against it when sailing so if it is loose, you get water inside. In the seat lockers on both sides they used plywood coring in the hull. Bad idea, and many boats had that stuff get soggy and delaminate. It is stiffening for the hull and again, not a terribly big deal to fix.

The name to know is Catalina Direct. They have an incredible catalog of parts for the C22. If you want to turn this boat into a pocket yacht, these guys have everything you could possibly dream of!

Good Luck,

Gary H. Lucas
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