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I've been rewiring my boat and have added things like mid ship (MS) junction boxes for the lighting system. I also created the attached diagram. One good thing about the diagram is that it allows an overview, showing possible shortcomings of the system.
It occurs to me that it might make sense to run the neg from #34 (bottom of diagram) from the Starboard MS box to the batteries directly aft of the MS box. Currently, as (I HOPE) you can see, 34 runs all the way back to the main panel, only to run forward again to the batteries (via the unnumbered yellow wire). While this was the way the factory did it, I've learned that doesn't necessarily make it right.
#34 is 12 AWG, and the unnumbered yellow is 10 AWG. Most of the lights 34 carries won't be on at the same time (running lights and Starboard interior cabin lights), so it seems the load isn't a problem. It just seems silly to have the Neg travel that distance when it doesn't need to. Obviously, the Pos. side of 34 has to run from the switch panel to the MS box but the Neg. does not.

All lights function fine now. How much practical difference would it make (if any) if I run Neg #34 directly to the batteries?


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