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Today, I continued work on Hush and started to knock out what I thought was going to be a breeze. I wanted to take the binnacle guard apart and repaint the guard table. Seemed easy. NOPE! Seems the PO (previous owner) loved the boat but didn't love to do preventative maintenance. I took the compass off with relative ease only to get to the throttle housing where four very menacing screws reside. They did not want to budge. WD 40...impact hammer, heat, nothing. Guess they didn't have anti-seize or lanacote back in the day. Anyway, I have this question? Should I continue to try and break the screws loose so I can take the pedestal table off for refab or should I simply button the whole mess back up and call it a day. If I break something, I will have to spend $1000 plus to get an edson pedestal.

p.s. I have a Merriman (out of business) steering pedestal.

p.p.s. Use anti-seize people, it will save you in the end. Whew!

p.p.p.s If you have any ideas how to break stainless fasteners from aluminum I would love to hear them.
Have a spare Merriman that I need to sell one of these days as I converted the boat to tiller. I would sell it for less then $1000.

Yacht Specialities/Merriman went out of business in 1989 and I was fortunate to have to one of the last Merriman steering pedestals installed on the boat as it was delivered in Dec 89.

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