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I have a 22' EDEL without shore power plug. When we need to run power for tools or fans I use a 30AMP Marinco with an adapter. At this point I have no plans to install shore power.

12V Electrical needs:
1. Running lights: never used, never plan to be stuck out in the dark but need them working for the unplanned late night.

2. Interior lights:
One overhead fixture with 2 LED festoons

3. A yet-to-be-installed scavenged VHF. It is in a box waiting for power supply to be set up. In the year that we have sailed we have never ventured beyond cell tower range so right now we have our cells as communicators.

4. Bilge pump.
None exists although the 6 switch, fused 12V panel has a switch labelled "Bilge"

I have one new 5w solar panel.

I can charge off my 8HP Honda but I have been told that I would have to run it for a long time at more than the speed that we use to leave and enter the marina.

Based on these minimal needs what size / type of battery should I get?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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