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Single handed docking strategies

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Here's my setup, not so new to sailing but new to bigger to me and docking
Water Boat Watercraft Sky Naval architecture

Water Boat Watercraft Naval architecture Vehicle

Water Boat Sky Watercraft Tree

Water Boat Watercraft Sky Vehicle

Water Sky Watercraft Boat Naval architecture

Water Water resources Wood Tree Body of water

I can usually get a hold of marina hands to assist but even with their assist (although totally self sufficient would be best) would love to hear some thoughts on best ways to approach.

The port aft piling I'm most unfamiliar. I think if I left the line on that hook might be able to grab it on the way in and cleet it on the boat?
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Make a Y with lines from the forward pilings to hold the bow and you can’t hit the dock with the bow. Pull in, crack a beer, grab other lines at leisure.

Your starboard spring should be moved forward one piling. It almost looks like it’s tied to a stanchion which is a no no.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts