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how lonely do you get on land. is same thing only with a constant motion under the sole..hahahahaha
and there are many homeless cats and doggies if you are craving company.
being alone and lonely are two different things. you must be alone to learn who you are. you donot escape yourself when you are at sea--same as on land.

personally, after time with different individuals on my boat, i prefer the sola life with my cat..most people are not worthy of my time nor my boat. cat has good judgement about others--much better than my own..hahahahaha
gooday zeehag long time gone from here now back....some people cant stay at sea ,some r always on a boat i own 2 and fish on 2 more...the only things that stop me are cold weather and ice...iam only 71 so plenty of time say hello to your cat for me.. is it still bubba?
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