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Hello everybody!

I grew up with boats, as my dad was half-owner of a fiberglass boat company. However, I was conditioned to hate sailboats! :eek: After a couple of times sailing I realized that there was a whole different world to boating, and that I loved it much more than "buzzing and bouncing".

I took a couple of sailing classes when I was in college, and was befriended by the instructor who invited me to join him during the summers. We usually raced Hobie's (14, 16, 17 & 18) and occasional random dinghies from former students. Sometimes there San Juan 21s. I was also able to get a windsurfer that I sailed almost every weekday for a summer.

Later I moved to Portland, OR and crewed on a few races in the Columbia in a Catalina 30. I also started to focus my dreams from inland racing toward ocean cruising.

After several years of distractions, I awoke remembering my sailing dream and turned it into a goal. Last year I started studying and saving. To keep my sailing skills sharp I recently bought a Coronado 15.

Happy Sailing to All!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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