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Just noticed this interesting thread.
Ya gotta love old SD getting the first reply to this thread with his pompous (but informative) "read the link in my signature" post.

On topic.
Obviously the regimen you use with your skin and exposure issues has a lot to do with your skin type.
I am a fair skinned male (northern European mix) and I find that wearing some protective clothing, a hat, using sunblock AND having a Bimini over the cockpit for sun protection are all good things.
They sell SPF rated tops and bottoms called Sun Grubbies which claim to block a lot of rays without all the 'greasing up' you might otherwise do each day. They are body fitting and you can swim while wearing them over a bathing suit.
I happen to like the WinterSilk silk long leg/sleeved under garments for use on a boat. In warm weather the top can be worn as a light sun blocking garment. The silk is a great fabric for wicking away moisture from your skin so you don't feel so clammy, even in warm weather. In cold weather they are warm, thin and comfortable underneath as many other layers as you need for cooler weather.
Showering on a boat will be different then showering on land. Keeping your skin clean and washed requires a shower nearly every day and makes you feel better. Since sailboats have limited storage tanks for water showering must be done in a limited fashion: wet yourself with water and turn off the shower, apply soap and/or shampoo and lather, turn shower back on and rinse while feeling better and more human.

Good luck on your cruise and tell us more about it.
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